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We make our products from client's specification or we renovate older, damaged, or stained items - so they look exactly as they did many years ago. Please visit Products and see our expanding collection of samples, containing renovated or made from scratch old antiques, banners, flags, "Antypedie", insults (pictures), chasubles, covers, canopies, "Stuly", "Dalmatyki", lance-pennons, sophisticated bindings for historical & church books, baronages and more.
          Please feel free to contact us about your need and we will be glad to work with you on product requirement, cost estimate and deliverables. The more detail you can provide the closer final product will stay to your expectations. We leave nothing to a chance. Every detail will be done as precisely as you wish.
No matter if new orders or renovating jobs - please provide as much detail as possible. It will ensure that final result is what you expected or exceeds your expectation. Also, the more detail the more accurate will be cost and deliverables estimates. Hand made pictures and photos are welcome. Please send all inquiries to:
Malgorzata Grzelak     hafciarstwo@poczta.onet.pl

          Sincerely     Margaret Grzelak,    President

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