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Pracownia Haftu Artystycznego, HPA w Poznaniu is located at ul. Kilinskiego 11/1, Poznan, Poland. We specialize in hand embroidery art. We started in 1980, while Malgorzata Grzelak works as an embroidress since 1973. We offer the finest products made from the highest quality materials available in the world. We developed a few unique techniques to ensure very high durability, extremely long life time and resistance to sunlight, moisture and general environment expected for this kind of product. Our products are the VERY TOP QUALITY that you may not find easily somewhere else. Each product is individually crafted according to very detailed specifications from a client. Our clients come back to us with new orders. We receive orders from museums, public organizations, churches and similar public and private entities. We make our products from client's specification or we renovate older, damaged or stained items - so they look exactly as they did years ago. We expand our product list all the time. It contains renovated or made from scratch: Old antiques, banners, flags, antependium, insults (pictures), chasubles, covers, canopies, "Stula", dalmatics, lance-pennons, sophisticated bindings for historical & church books, baronages and more.

HPA participates in local and international shows (recently in France, Germany, Holland, Spain), representing 
"Izba Rzemieslnicza in Poznan". In Poland we show our products on "Jarmark Swietojanski", "Targi in Poznan", "Konserwacja in Torun", "Dewocjonalia in Kielce", "Rzemieslniczy Pokaz in Warsaw", "Festyny in Sielinek, Opalenica,  Nowy Tomysl and many other cities". Our president Malgorzata Grzelak acts as "Przewodniczaca Komisji Egzaminacyjnej dla rzemiosla w zawodzie hafciarstwa" and teaches in this field. 
She has been decorated "Gold, Silver and Brown Medals for accomplishments in her field. One of her biggest accomplishments was renovation of  "Antypedium" for 200 year old Cathedra in Gniezno; uniforms, caps, flags of representative guard of Frederic Wilhelm, related to 17 century republic (Potsdam), sophisticated book bindings and lance-pennons for a few embassies. Recently we started next line of pictures: "Lady with small weasel”, "Mona Lisa” i more. As our goal, we would like to teach more talented people in our field and to develop more renovating techniques.

President    Malgorzata Grzelak 


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